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The 6 Steps

of Cheesemaking

Milk, Culture and Curds:

Starter culture is added to milk to change lactose (milk sugar) into lactic acid. This process changes the acidity level of the milk and begins the process of turning milk from a liquid into a solid.


Coagulation: Rennet is added to further encourage the milk to solidify.Curds and Whey: Curds are cut using a knife or a tool that resembles a wire frame. Cutting the curds further encourages them to expel liquid or whey.


Salting: Salt adds flavor and also acts as a preservative so the cheese does not spoil during aging.  We individually hand salt each wheel.



The cheese is put into a basket or a mold to form it into a specific shape. During this process, the cheese is also pierced. The air holes created by piercing helps oxygen get inside the cheese allowing the blue to develop properly.


Referred to as affinage, this process ages cheese until it reaches optimal ripeness. During this process, the temperature and humidity of the room where the cheese ages is closely monitored. An experienced affineur keeps a close eye on each cheese so it develops the proper flavor and texture. Our cheese is aged a minimum of 60 days or more.

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