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Inspired by our twin girls to pursue our dreams of starting a family business, we blended my experience and passion for cheese with Jeff's IT and manufacturing background, embarking on a journey to become artisan cheese makers became clear to us.


Time to stop dreaming and take action. Christmas 2012 Jeff bought me the book The Farmstead Creamery Advisor and wrote this supportive message. We decided 2013 was going to be the year to start our journey and applied for our business license in January.


We chose to make a cheese we love - Blue Cheese,  and were fortunate enough to work with fellow Washington State cheese makers Willapa Hills, who opened up their facility to us and allowed Lindsay to visit multiple times in 2013 to work on R&D, where our inaugural Blue Cheese  - Whatcom Blue was born.


We have a focus on community, education and local agriculture. We are excited to share our experience of building a creamery and our passion for how quality cheese is made.


Mission statement: To produce exceptional, award winning artisanal cheeses and build a successful business that is a source of pride for our family and community.

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Meet The Team

Joyce Snook_edited.jpg

Joyce Snook


Life long cheesemaker has joined our team. Come visit and ask her about the early days of cheesemaking in Whatcom County.



A family friend and nursing student who loves all things cheese. She is a joy to have working with us at the cheese shop!
lindsay face.jpg
Lindsay Slevin


Twin Sisters Creamery Owner/Cheese- maker and American Cheese Society Certified Cheese Professional
Jeff Slevin


Twin Sisters Creamery Owner Cheesemaker and Operations specialist
The Twins


The inspiration behind Twin Sisters Creamery.
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